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Research Project

Language of English Newspapers in India


Newspapers inform and educate readers. They are expected to play their role as educators through language they use in their columns. Their readers may include a few scholars, but rest of them are commoners who may have studied only up to 12 th . Those newspapers who realise this select news and features that would appeal to a large number of readers and not for the few scholars. They are expected to use language that can be easily grasped by these readers. This is particularly important because readers have no time to read the daily newspapers.

Do the newspapers, their reporters and other contributors write simple, precise, brief and without complicated sentences replete with avoidable clauses? Or, do the reporters write to impress the readers, rather than inform?

Reporters are expected to provide the readers information and facts about events without any personal bias. Readers should be free to draw their own conclusions from these facts. Journalists of the previous generations observed these guidelines faithfully.

The Principal Investigator of this research project was a reporter of United News of India for 17 years and later worked with The Indian Post and The Observer of Business and Politics (both defunct) for another 13 years. He taught News Reporting in media schools in Pune and other places.

For details of the research project please click HERE