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Queries & Questions

You are welcome to send queries and questions regarding the language of English newspapers in India. We will try to reply. Please write to

Q 1. Who decides on the quality of language in a newspaper?

A. The editor is legally responsible for whatever goes into the newspaper. That means that he/she is responsible for the language also. We all, however, know that the Editor cannot possibly read every word in the newspaper. It is obviously a team work if the language is to be understood by the readers. The team consists of reporters, sub-editors, chief sub-editors and news editors, who write and edit the news and features.

Q 2. Why do we find errors of spelling and grammar in our newspapers if trained and experienced journalists write for them?

The journalists maintain that they have to write under the pressure of deadlines. Errors creep in because of the pressure.

Q 3. Do the Indian newspapers have stylebooks to be followed by the journalists in news rooms and editorial departments?

Most of them do not have stylebooks. Kolkatta's Statesman has one, an excellent contribution by veteran journalist Jyoti Sanyal, in the form of the book Write It Right, The Statesman Stylebook.

Please send your queries or questions: